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July 17th, 2010

Here’s the best one I’ve heard yet: “It didn’t get onto my calendar,” in substitute for, “I failed to place it onto my calendar.”
UH, what?
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And exactly whose responsibility was it to get it onto your calendar — your calendar’s? UH, no, I think it was yours!!!
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The Wallpaper Hypothesis

June 13th, 2010

In Italanglish, they sometimes say “uno mushato.” Mush—as in a spine composed of vanilla pudding. Not stupid mind you: worse pay for essay writing than that — reasonably intelligent, but completely lacking in the wherewithal to stand up for his way of thinking, his manner of looking at the world. Mushato—va fangul.
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The Human Genome Project

June 13th, 2010

With reference to the NY Times “failure” of the human genome project. As a biologist who’s literature review for dissertation been preaching & teaching systems-level cognizance for 30 years, why am I NOT surprised. This simply hearkens back to the age-old debate about reductionist biomedicine. Single genes mean almost nothing within the context of [...]

Hubris: What is killing us .
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. .
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Twenty-first Century US, still living as though it can rest on its first-half of the Twentieth Century laurels. Corporate GREED is still and always will be the problem — the multinationals with US roots turned traitor to those roots.
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Parasitizing One Another

May 30th, 2010

More Artificial Inflation for the Bottom-Feeders
No jobs and no manufacturing cialis super active i.e., we don’t make anything any more; we’ve given it all away, mostly to China.
So what’s the plan? Parasitize one another. There’s this a-hole on the radio whose infomercializing to get folks to buy his CD & his method to [...]

the Gulf

May 25th, 2010

From a comment posted on the NY Times, this morning:
The Gulf is probably already DEAD; oh it may recover . . . in 4 or 5 centuries (if humanity’s around that long to witness it). As another reader pointed out, it’s so bloody simple — corporate GREED is what ever seems to triumph over the [...]

What a bunch on naive idiots we have become.
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Obama this and Obama that—change we can believe in: great politics, i.e., damnable lies . . . but just SOS, bubbas . . .
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that’s what politics is—Bush, Obama, no real difference, that’s the secret. This is not, never has been a [...]

Okay you’re passionate about your cause.
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I’m trying to understand.
I get it
You’re cause is just.
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I’m trying to understand.
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I get it
You believe in life. Murder’s not cool. I’m trying to understand. You prefer that pregnant women and the a-holes who contributed the [...]

I once took the position that one could easily distinguish the natural from the social sciences based upon the criteria of pre-existence and predictability. Now I’m not so sure.
Pre-existence is simple: If it was here, on earth, or in the universe, before we (humans) were, then it pre-existed and belongs in the realm of [...]

Life BPP and APP

February 28th, 2010

A commentary on how PowerPoint had made it too easy for researchers to become depauperizers of information, creating their own little American Idol–like fantasy world

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