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Insurance Fraud

March 23rd, 2010

Years ago I thought I had a pretty good handle on what was legal and illegal.  Today I’m not so sure.  Many laws seem so arbitrary, you say to yourself how can doing “that” be against the law?  Filling a prescription in Canada is totally legal.  Bring that lawfully filled medication back into the U.S. illegal. 

Apparently bringing any prescription drug across the U.S. border, even for your own personal use and not for resale of any kind is a crime.  Now why in God’s Good Green Earth would bringing back your own personal Rx be against U.S. law?  One word… MONEY (were you expecting a surprise?).

It’s common knowledge that medications are 2 to 5 times less in Canada (and Mexico) than the same drug made by the same manufacturer in the States.  It turns out that a bunch of years ago (some time in the 80’s) a law was passed banning the importation of any drug (even those approved by the FDA) into America.  This little known, little talked about piece of legislation has netted Drug companies 100’s of Billions of dollars since the 80’s.  Yes that’s right, Hundreds of Billions of dollars out of your pocket and into big Pharmaceutical Companies.  Don’t worry though, no one industry gets to wallow in that kind of cash without allowing the twin devils of lawyers and insurance companies to slop themselves in that money trough. 

This brings us to our current debate about health care reform and its gleaming beacon of hope, equality, and justice “Universal Healthcare Coverage.”  When enacted this law would allow, excuse me “mandate”, that 31 million uninsured Americans, have access, excuse “must buy” health care insurance.  That would translate to 100 to 150 billion dollars a year in new revenue for insurance companies.  Again don’t worry I’m sure they’ll bring their 2 buddies, big medical companies and lawyers with them for a nice old piece of their new pork pie.

I’m sure there will be lot’s of absurd ramifications from such a broad piece of legislation, but the Jumbo Shrimp of the lot would have to be this one.  The new law would force Christian Scientists to buy health insurance.  They are the religious group that rejects all modern medicine and routinely risk their lives by not participating in the most established medical treatments such as antibiotics.  It’s like passing a law requiring Amish people to buy car insurance.  Even a caveman isn’t that stupid.  What is legal now a days, I have no idea.  We live in the land of the free but we all better get brave if we’re going to survive this stomach churning stuff. 


Your servant,

Corpulent Luke

8 Responses to “Insurance Fraud”

  1. Jonny Scrum-half

    I agree that the new “health-care reform” appears to be a favorable thing for insurance companies, who now will receive premiums from the healthiest part of the population because everyone will be required to purchase health insurance. But I don’t understand how lawyers supposedly will obtain “a nice old piece of their new pork pie.” Can you explain that to me?

  2. Corpulent Luke

    My dear Johnny Scrum-half (aka Short Law)
    Any piece of new legislation 2300 pages in length (plus amendements) will probably spawn its own subset of lawyers specializing in “medical insurance law”. They will represent insurance companies, institutions, unions, private organizations, individuals, corporations… you name it. They will generate millions of “billable hours” adding an additional cost to health care in the billions. Hey! Here’s an idea, why don’t we abolish medical lawsuits, and send those cases to a medical professional panel for binding arbitration, and save 33% right off the top (so long ambulance chasers!)

  3. Jonny Scrum-half

    Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  4. Johnny Busk

    Hey Corpulent

    Where’s the rest of you website??? A whole lotta nothing.


  5. Isiah Calligan

    This post makes a lot of sense !

  6. Tonda Puchalski

    Moreover, the proliferation of Bear pageants and their title winners (”sash bears”) runs contrary to the early Bear community’s identification with and admiration for raw, unself-conscious masculinity

  7. Jonny Scrum-half

    “Moves” wants to know when is the red-carpet ceremony for the movie about writing a book?

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