Mass of Angels
Meeting the Beautiful People
Vincent's Rainbow (in production)
Committing Christ (pre-production)
Monobrow (pre-production)
Hybrid Mind (pre-production)
Just what is the nature of reality? Celia is tortured by visions of a horrible world infested with demons, but which world belongs to her imagination?
Q: How do you make a film about fame when celebrities won't grant you any interviews? A: Do the next best thing and interview those who've met famous people.
Ever thought about writing a book? This just may change your mind. Follow the story of Vin, the half-brained mental prodigy in his desperate, gut-wrenching attempt to make it as an author.
Will the real Jesus Christ please stand up..... I'm Spartacus!
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... a science-fiction adventure that poses the question: What would happen if a rogue scientist modified a human brain with animal genes, creating a new type of intellect.
-A satyrical anthology script focusing on the obsurd nature of commonplace events. Stories range from a father and son sex talk on the day before senior prom to a would-be film maker extolling his innate artistic ability inherited from his true grandfather, Toulouse- Lautrec.