Our Mission: to be an independent alternative to over-hyped, over-budgeted, over-commercialized and over-produced Hollywood schlock.

DSS Studios is an independent film studio located in Morris County New Jersey. Here at DSS, we strive to produce entertainment other than the typical Hollywood schlock. Jim Riffel lives in our hearts and minds alongside Thomas Jefferson and Malcom X. We've got a variety of videos, songs, movies clips, quirky thoughts and other brain snacks for your perusement.
Signs of our Times Survey:
While food shopping, you turn the corner to find the aisle blocked by a cart stopped at the absolute narrowest place in the aisle, between the beans and a temporary cardboard display.
The aisle has been blocked by:
A) a woman
B) a man
C) a kid
D) Eeesh, what kinda fruitcake you think I am going shopping
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